Otto Bock Manu 3D Pollex

Otto Bock Wrist / Thumb Brace Manu 3D Pollex

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Otto Bock Wrist/Thumb Brace

The Manu 3D Pollex provides moderate wrist stabilisation and also supports the thumb. The durable 3D material ensures excellent wearer comfort.

The support is anatomically shaped, giving it a very good and comfortable fit. A lateral coil spring supports the thumb joint and keeps the thumb in a functional position.

The thumb circumference is individually adjustable.

The special feature of this support is the 3D material. It does not absorb moisture so it keeps the skin dry, and feels comfortably soft against the skin.

Available in five sizes, just measure around the wrist joint to find the correct size.

Wrist Circumference
14.5cm - 15.5cm
Small 15.5cm - 16cm
Medium 16cm - 17cm
Large 17cm - 18cm
18cm - 19cm