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The Reflexball is a firm, spiky ball used for massage, reflexology, hand therapy and  help improve circulation. It is firm to the touch with small bumps for gentle pressure and stimulation.

These bumps stimulate various pressure points whilst providing a good surface for grip.

Reflex balls have been used for many years for self-massage, and have become popular in the therapy and medical domains for the treatment of lower back pain, particularly during pregnancy.

Usually purchased in pairs of each size for use with both hands or to provide balance when placed either side of the spine, on buttocks or under feet. A favourite to complement Yoga and Pilates or as part of post exercise relaxation.

Which size do I need?

  • 6cm (Blue) - for use on hands / feet
  • 8cm (Green) - for use on arms / lower leg
  • 9cm (Blue) - for use on shoulders, thighs, buttocks
  • 10cm (Green) - for use on the back
Manufactured by Gymnic