Naturelle Latex Roll
Naturelle Multipurpose Latex Roll by Therapeutic Pillow

Naturelle Multipurpose Latex Roll by Therapeutic Pillow

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Use the multi purpose Naturelle roll along your body for: 

  • Effective side positioning
  • Forward positioning and roll control
Use the Naturelle roll under knees to provide support to legs: 
  • Elevates knees to reduce leg and lower back pain
  • Diffuses pressure points, helps alleviate tension to lower back
  • Alleviates leg pressure
Between Knees provides cushioning for legs: 
  • Shape allows for positioning options
  • A leg spacer to alleviate tension in hips
  • Holds legs apart following hip surgery
  • Provides leg/knee abduction to prevent pressure and skin damage
Use under ankles: 
  • Off-loads heels for zero pressure
  • Reduces swelling
  • Improves blood flow to the lower limbs
  • Under ankles to take pressure off the heels
Use under back to provide lumbar support to the spine: 
  • Compresses to form ellipse for correct spinal alignment
  • Use to treat lower back pain
  • Use as a back support in the car, office chair, or wheelchair
Use under neck as a neck support roll: 
  • Maintains the normal anterior curve of the cervical neck region during rest and sleep
  • Maintains the normal curve of the cervical neck while sitting

The Naturelle Roll is also available with a Steri-Plus Cover. A moisture and bacteria-resistant fabric, Steri-Plus is woven polyester with a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to fabric which wipes clean for easy care and can be disinfected for infection control.

53 cm