Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin by Kyda

Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin by Kyda

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These rugs are prepared from specially selected sheepskins which are treated according to the standards for Medical sheepskins.

A Medical sheepskin can absorb up to 30% of  its weight in water without feeling wet.

They are chosen for their dense and springy wool fibres which support the body and allow air to flow freely, keeping the sleeper cool in summer and warm in winter.  This, plus the weight support and pressure dissipation, in conjunction with the silky wool texture, reduces friction, aiding in bed sore prevention.

Medical sheepskin rugs are ideal for people who are required to spend long periods sitting or lying down, as well as for babies and infants.

They are fully machine washable up to 90 degrees Celcius.

See washing instructions here

Manufacturer: Kyda Leather & Sheepskin

Regular 90cm x 60cm
Large 95cm x 65cm
X-Large 100cm x 70cm