Heel Protectors Medical Sheepskin
Heel Protectors Medical Sheepskin by Shear Comfort

Heel Protectors Medical Sheepskin by Shear Comfort

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The Shear Comfort Heel Protectors are designed for patients at risk of developing, or recovering from, pressure injury to the vulnerable heel. They are sold as a pair.

Shear Comfort® Heel Protectors provide unencumbered protection for the at risk heel and ankle areas. The thick wool (1900gsm to be precise) redistributes pressure and reduces shear while the heat dissipation and moisture wicking qualities provide added skin protection and ensure comfort in use.  Available in sizes small, medium and large.

Manufactured using the unique Airtec process, a matrix of holes are introduced into the sheep skin to promote air circulation, reducing perspiration by allowing the skin to breathe.

Easy to wash and maintain, products are warrantied to withstand 50 washes at up to 80°C for required infection control. Easy fastening Velcro® straps mean the Heel Protectors are easy to attach and to adjust. Available in 3 sizes.

Wool Wash Shampoo is an optional extra, recommended to maintain the advantages of Shear Comfort sheepskin products. It contains Tea Tree oil to kill dust mites and mould, and help prevent odours.