Critter Pet Absorbent Pad by Conni

Conni Critters Absorbent Pet Pad

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The Conni Critters Pet Pad is a reusable puppy training, or incontinence pad for pets.

It is absorbent on top and completely waterproof underneath.

Uses include: 

  • Shielding car seats and cargo areas in vehicles
  • Under food and water bowls
  • Protecting carpet and furniture
  • Under litter trays
  • Toilet training puppies
  • Whelping/pre and post natal
  • Transport crate liners
  • Incontinent animals
  • Veterinary procedures
  • Veterinary cage liners
Available in three sizes, there is a size to suit all applications.

It is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

Small 70cm x 55cm
Medium 70cm x 70cm
Large 70cm x 115cm