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BakBalls relieve back and neck pain and stiffness. BakBalls can also relieve pain and tightness in tense shoulders, ITBs, and plantar fascias.

BakBalls are a portable and affordable self-treatment device for back pain. A BakBall is an easy to use one piece rubber device that is the size of two apples taped together that allows you to relieve back pain and stiffness in the comfort of your own home, in the office or car.

The Black FIRM BakBalls are the right device for you if you prefer strong manual treatments and massages. First time users of BakBalls should start with the Red Soft BakBalls.

BakBalls relieve back pain and stiffness by lying on them on the floor or leaning against them in sitting. BakBalls produce maximum pain relief as their unique patented design exerts localised pressure directly onto painful stiff joints and tight muscles replicating a Physiotherapy or Massage treatment. BakBalls can also prevent back pain in the long term by improving your posture into a more ideal upright sitting and standing posture.

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