Abdominal Binder By Oppo

Abdominal Binder by Oppo

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The Oppo Abdominal Binder is made of light, breathable, elastic multiband material and has breathable elastic and soft pile bonded to foam. 

  • Indicated for abdominal constraint post operative, post childbirth
  • Ideal for abdominal constraint, whether this be post operative, post childbirth or to stabilise a hernia; with front Velcro fastening; for a quick and easy fit.
  • Made from light, transpirable, elastic multiband material; with breathable elastic and soft pile bonded foam; providing a contour fit at the waist and hips; 24cm width depth at the front and back.
  • Made from cotton based breathable elastic for extra comfort, with velcro fastening
  • Measure around the waist.
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