Oppo sacroiliac belt

Sacroiliac Support Belt by Oppo

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The sacroiliac belt may be used following a traumatic injury, or post-partum.

It also helps to reduce lower back pain and fatigue during pregnancy.

The belts relieves instability and stress through compression of the sacroiliac joints, relieving pain by gently lifting abdomen.

The reinforcement strap provides additional compression, and it features hook and loop closure for easy application.

Available in 5 sizes, measure the hip circumference to find the required size.

Materials: 55% Polyester, 35% Rubber, 10% Nylon.

X-Small 71.1cm - 86.7cm
Small 86.7cm - 91.8cm
Medium 91.8cm - 96.8cm
Large 96.8cm - 101.9cm
X-Large 101.9cm - 109.5cm